COVID 19 - How to maintain a thriving Business/Home Bakery

The trend of Home Bakeries has been rising far beyond our imagination in the past decade but with COVID-19 and especially in Pakistan, people have turned to home bakeries more than ever what with the Bakeries and shops bring closed due to lock-down. Eventually things will open but people who took this time as an opportunity will have permanent customers to take forward and help benefit their businesses.

Here are a few tips on how to make your business thrive and maintain it:-

Social Media Presence:-

If your business isn’t alive on social media, it is dead. And that means not only having a presence, but building a following, engaging followers, entertaining them by providing quality content and keeping up with latest trends and taking part in them. Invest in Digital Marketing to reach your potential customers.


You wanna stay afloat in this concentrated pool of businesses? Be creative! Do not copy. Come up with new ideas, deals, collaborations, gift vouchers etc etc. The options are endless but people do not like repetition. They want to see and try new stuff. Creativity is the key to making your business thrive.

Food Photography:-

You eat with your eyes first! As a business depending on its pictures, it should be the primary focus. Invest in a few professional lights and a background. Watch tutorials on how to style your products, which angles to shoot from, some basic editing and level up your insta-game!

Do not forget to watermark your photos.

Price your goods:-

With economies bouncing worldwide, price your products every 3-4 months and change prices accordingly. You should have a clear vision of how much you are spending and what is the profit margin per product and how much you should be putting back into the business.

Your pricing should include things like, packaging, time it took to make a certain design, clean up time, resources like electricity, gas, water and petrol etc.

Friends and Family Policy:-

You are going to need a consistent “Friends & Family Policy” as they ARE going to ask for discount. If you are willing to give them a 10% Discount, make sure to stay consistent with it. They will need to be educated about the fact that this business is your bread and butter.

Customer Service:-

Focus on your customer. The product itself isn’t enough. If they don’t have a good experience with you, they will be hesitant in placing the next order no matter how good the product. Work on customer service, always use polite words like please, kindly, thank you and sorry even if they are at fault and you are trying to educate them. Ask them for feedback, follow up with them, maintain a relationship with them, make them feel welcome, be open to criticism and work towards bringing positive changes  to your business.


Last but not the least, never compromise on the quality! Buy quality products and price your products accordingly. Do not lower your standards for anyone. Do not sell a product unless you think it is the absolute best as you might sell a few of those and think of it as a gain but you may have lost some potential customers. It is only a success if you have repeated customers and orders.

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