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Article: A Cake Decorator's Top 10 Tools

A Cake Decorator's Top 10 Tools

A Cake Decorator's Top 10 Tools

An artists always needs their trusty set of tools to achieve the highest quality of art. Cake Decorating is an art that can’t be performed without the proper set of tools. In fact the amount of tools one needs can be overwhelming, which is why we are going to highlight the 10 Must-Have’s to get going and master this art.

Top Cake Decorator'sTools 

1. Turntable

A turntable is an essential tool for frosting cakes. You may use any medium of frosting but as long as you want clean edges, you are going to need a turn table under that cake. This helps to rotate the cake evenly and get smooth sides while you hold the scraper still in one hand.  Really, it cuts the work in half!


2. Spatulas

An offset spatula can work wonders when trying to frost the sides and top of the cake. It is build in such a way to keep the hand away from the cake while covering the cake and smoothing out the frosting. If you are baking for home, you can even smooth out the sides using your spatula for a semi-finish look.

You’ll need a small one for frosting between layers and a bigger one to frost the sides. We have just the set of 3 you’re ever gonna need.


3. Scraper

If you’re looking for that extra sharp-crisp-insta worthy finish, you’re gonna need a trusty sharp scarper. Just a few swipes of the scraper with the turntable on the move, you’ll be amazed at the difference this one tiny tool can make.

Cake Scraper

4. Acrylic Disks

Achieving those smooth sides and sharp edges can be intimidating, which is what the acrylic disks are for. They help guide you to frost the cakes evenly and result in a professional looking cake.

5. Cake leveler/Serrated Knife

When baking a cake, it tends to puff up slightly in the middle. In order to decorate an even cake, those irregularities have to be removed. The best way to do that is by using a cake leveler or a serrated knife if you’re confident enough.

6. Pre-Cut parchment papers

These are a baker’s best friend! Nothing more annoying than drawing out rounds on a parchment paper and cutting circles which never fit properly. Pre cut parchment paper not only saves time and effort, but also yields great results.

7. Cake pans

Good quality cake pans make all the difference. The result of the same recipe can vary significantly when baked in good quality pans. Best to invest in some.

8. Stencils

Stencils are an easy way to add texture, design and color to a cake. These make cake decorating so much more efficient and result in the most gorgeous looking cakes. Use them a million different ways to make a million different designs. View our gorgeous stencil collection.

8. Cake Combs

Another easy way to design and decorate cakes are cake combs. So versatile, you’ll never be left worrying how to design your next cake.

9. Piping Bags/Nozzles

Some piping bags and a few classic nozzles can make a million different designs and take your cake looks from a beginner to a bakery level. Definitely worth investing in.


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