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Article: Want to turn your baking hobby into a money making business?

Want to turn your baking hobby into a money making business? - Inspired Baking Pakistan

Want to turn your baking hobby into a money making business?

Hello there! Wow this feels like talking to a younger version of myself, something I would be telling myself when I was starting my own bakery. So naive!  If you are one like me who loves baking and live off of the pleasure it gives you and others around you, you’ve come to the right place.

Unfortunately, loving what you do isn’t enough to start a business. Starting a business means endless hours of baking and testing and trying in the kitchen, watching and learning, finding vendors for ingredients, packaging, baking equipment and whatnot! This isn’t to demotivate you but this is something I wish someone had told me when I started off. But what everyone tells you is, You bake so well, you should have your own bakery! Not that simple now, is it?!

Well, let’s understand more of what you should be prepared for to make the process as smooth as we can.

  • Find Your Strength
    Now that you know you love baking and definitely want to make a business out of it, find your strength among bakery items. The market is saturated already so making your mark isn’t easy if you don’t stay true to your style. Don’t be intimidated by what others are doing. You may even start with a single item in your menu that you are proud of. An authentic recipe! It may be a cake, cookies, some pastries or anything of the sort. Always use good quality ingredients. You will taste the difference and so will your customers.
  • Fool proof recipes
    Once you have your product you want to sell, test it! Test it in singles, doubles and triples! Some recipes don’t do well if you multiply them and you don’t want that kind of problems when baking up a big order.
  • Serving sizes
    Figure out which size pans work for each recipe and what each serving yields as that will be your minimum order quantity. You don’t wanna be baking up 2 batches for 15 cupcakes when one batch yields 12 cupcakes.
  • Pricing
    This isn’t as simple as adding up the cost of your ingredients. When you are selling something handmade, you are selling your talent, your time and your  energy. Make sure to add the cost or you will be worn out soon.
    How to do pricing?
    Cost of Ingredients & tools + Cost of Packaging + Marketing Cost +Your time & energy = Your cost
    For a better idea, do a market survey and set market competitive pricing.
  • Branding
    Make sure to get a professional Graphic Designer to come up with your logo and brand identity as well as the packaging design. Get your packaging done. 
  • Picture Perfect
    Make your product look picture perfect and take high resolution pictures, something that would tempt your customer to make the purchase. Make videos to illustrate better.
  • All for the Gram
    Set up your social media. Social media is where your business will live and thrive, it has to be done just right. You don’t have a shop for starters and if your page isn’t aesthetically appealing, your customer will be gone before you can convince them to make the purchase. Stick to your brand identity, high resolution images and post reviews. Reviews show authenticity of the brand.
  • Marketing
    Market your brand. You should have a dedicated sum of money as your marketing budget that will be spent in order to spread awareness of the brand and to get customers.
  • Get organized!
    Before you start taking orders, make sure your work place i.e. your kitchen is in order. An organized kitchen will make it so much more efficient to get those orders out the door in time. The pantry should be stocked at all times.
  • Customer Dealing
    How to deal with customers? Approximately 60% of your customers will ask you for a discount. Make sure you have market competitive pricing and be polite but firm when dealing with customers. A professional response would sound something like, "We are sorry, we do not compromise on quality, hence we cannot compromise on prices."

If all of this hasn’t scared you so far, congratulations! You are ready to start your own business. Make sure to stay true to yourself and always remember, Quality over Quantity. While it may be the looks that get you the customer, it will be the taste that make them come back. Watch as many tutorials as you can, read recipe books, test, try, try and try again until you win!

We hope this was helpful and we wish you good luck for your venture!

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I’m a self taught baker thank you for ur help I’ll be very thank ful to u


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