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Individual Cake Disks

Sale priceRs.550.00

Acrylic Disks are all the rage these days for helping bakers achieve "sharp edges". We want to make sure that you are ordering the correct size disk for your cakes. Before you order, please make sure you measure your finished cakes and the bottom of your cake pans to prevent getting the wrong disk size. 

Your cake pan has to be an exact 4-inch diameter for the 4.5-inch disk to work. If your cakes shrink a lot, you will need a disk of 4.25-inch which you can have made customized. Feel free to call or email us with any questions.

The border marked on the disk helps in placing it in the middle and applying frosting. Then use "Sharpie" to smooth out the sides for excellent results.

2 discs of the same size are not required to frost a cake as the scraper being used with it is straight and aligned with the top.

Individual Cake Disks - Inspired Baking
Individual Cake Disks Sale priceRs.550.00